This blog is dedicated to the beautiful relationship between the founders of Parle Productions, Jenn and Kelly.
(I greatly apologize for my lack of posting)


For Jenn and Kelly. Happy Anniversary <3 I love you both.

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if you would like to see Jenn and Kelly do another Livestream

I know I want to see one

*wink wink*


MAYBE if Jenn and Kelly see this post and how much love it gets it might convince them :)

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Starshine out

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Happy birthday to one of my cosplay heroes, and happy valentines day to the lovely members of Parle!

Happy birthday to one of my cosplay heroes, and happy valentines day to the lovely members of Parle!

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thebearski asked, "what are the URLs of their tumblr(s)?"



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Perfect Carlos - KellyJane
Cecil - FlamboyantWreck

Here are some preview shots of our Carlos and Cecil cosplay from the PodCast ‘Welcome to Night Vale.’ We’re both pretty excited about getting these guys up on the YouTube channel with some silly adventures.

So, keep your eyes open….all three of them.

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Anonymous asked, "This is to respond to the "how did they meet?" question: They met online and, both cosplaying Axel, instantly hated each other. Kelly suggested that Jenn cosplay Demyx having "dibs"ed Axel for the group CastleOblivionUK (a KH cosplaying group Kelly started which has disbanded) and they met up in person for the first time to make an AkuDemy CMV. From what they've said, that's where their love started. (1/3)"

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Anonymous asked, "They both admitted they liked one another over MSN, and kissed, becoming a couple, the next time they saw each other. Now, I could write a novel about how they met, but I’ll spare you the time! :) Also, Jenn and Kelly have explained multiple times how they got together and they tell it MUCH better than I do! (2/3)"

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Anonymous asked, "You can find the story in a few of Jenn’s DA journals and in LOTS of panel videos found on Youtube(mainly the older ones) I’m sure you could check old asks of theirs on Tumblr as well a video from the day they first met can be found on Kelly’s old Youtube account (numbereightaxel) :) Hope this helped! (3/3)"

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running-circles-around-superman asked, "Anyone know how they got together?"

I’m not entirely sure, no.

I came into this fandom after they had already been together for a couple years I think. I’ve never actually heard/seen the full story.

Maybe you could ask Jenn or Kelly if they’d be willing to tell you?

Or does any one else know?

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Anonymous asked, "Do you find the videos or do you make them"


I don’t make any videos or gifs/pictures.

I’m here solely to reblog the images that other people make of Jenn and Kelly.

because I’m a bad blog-runner

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